Vacuum Pump Fluids

The technology behind the oil

At Cambridge Mill Products, we are very proud of our reputation as a quality provider of vacuum pump fluid. We invest a great deal of time and effort into our research and development program to ensure we have “the right chemistry” to meet our customers needs today and provide the “breakthroughs” in the advancement of vacuum pump fluid technology for the future.

Some of our important developments over the years have included the first use of high purity white oils for resistance to chemical attack in vacuum pump oils. Our “ELITE” series of full synthetic hydrocarbon vacuum pump fluids was the first product of it’s kind and provided customers with far superior performance characteristics in vacuum pumps.

Our newest product line of semi-synthetic hydrocarbon vacuum pump oils which include CMP 19—20—70 ULTRA HT’s, MAXVAC‚ CMP TW-X and ENDUROIL are drawing praise for being the “state of the art” in semi—synthetic hydrocarbon vacuum pump oils and offering similar or in some cases superior performance to many full synthetic vacuum pump fluids at affordable prices.

If you have never used CMP vacuum pump fluids, you probably think most vacuum pump fluids are similar and you buy based upon price. Process engineers, maintenance technicians and plant managers at over 1,000 companies worldwide know differently. They know from experience that a consistently superior vacuum pump fluid at a competitive price is a far better value. They know reduced downtime, lower pump repair costs, longer fluid life and less waste disposal means a much lower overall cost and a superior value for their dollars.

Vacuum pumps depending on cfm rating can cost anywhere from $1,000.00 to $30,000 and hold anywhere from one half liter to fifteen gallons of vacuum pump oil. These fluids are generally changed three to six times per year. Does it make sense to buy the cheapest fluid or a high quality fluid engineered to perform to the pumps capabilities and to provide the ultimate protection from wear that causes pump repairs and pump failures?

CMP has been manufacturing the highest quality molecularly distilled vacuum pump fluids since 1969 with one goal:
Provide customers with superior products and service.

CMP spends it’s resources on product development, quality control and service to our customers.

Did you know that CMP was the first company to develop and market the following products manufactured through high vacuum distillation?

  • TW oils for vacuum pumps
  • Synthetic hydrocarbon fluids for vacuum pumps
  • Dow Corning equivalent silicone diffusion pump fluids
  • Dow Corning equivalent high vacuum silicone greases

With all the uncertainties in today’s business world you need a supplier you can count on.

CMP is still today and will be tomorrow the leader in the technology of manufacturing high vacuum pump fluids and greases.



"Clearly Superior"