Silicone diffusion pump fluids & PFPE vacuum pump fluids

Cambridge Mill Products offers the finest oil reclamation services available for the reclamation of silicone diffusion pump fluids and Krytox® or Fomblin® mechanical pump fluids. CMP has been performing these services for over thirty years and is the most experienced company in the vacuum pump fluid industry providing reclamation services. CMP always handles each customers incoming fluid on an individual basis, never mixing customers material.

The reclamation process includes particulate filtration, degassing and high vacuum molecular distillation to separate and remove any and all contaminants. When processing PFPE fluids there is also an acid neutralization step. Yields can vary depending on the amount of contamination. Average yields run above 90% up to 99% of the incoming amount of fluid.

The average time in house is usually two weeks or less. CMP will provide empty 5 gallon pails for the collection of fluids for reclamation at a minimal charge. CMP requires a minimum of 5 gallons of silicone or 1 gallon of PFPE fluid for reclamation.

CMP reclaims these fluids to meet or exceed the original specifications for the product. If the reclaimed material does not meet these standards, we return the fluid to the customer at no charge for the service. Return shipping costs will be the responsibility of the customer.

The reclamation of these expensive fluids provides an attractive, cost effective and environmentally friendly solution to meeting your fluid requirements without sacrificing performance or safety and reduces disposal costs.

CMP does not offer reclamation services on any fluid deemed hazardous.

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