Cambridge Mill Products carries a complete line of mechanical pump fluids including full synthetic, semi-synthetic, and hydrocarbon pump fluids. With extreme sensitivity to the operating environment, choosing the proper mechanical pump oil that meets the exact specifications is extremely important. Cambridge Mill Products utilizes independent lab studies to ensure that the purity and durability of our engineered mechanical pump fluids meet the highest requirements.

Hydrocarbon Pump Fluid

For hydrocarbon pump fluid products including the CMP19, CMP20, CMP31 and others, hydrocarbon pump oil is laboratory tested and proved to be superior to many other competitive brands. Our hydrocarbon oils offer superior molecular weight, higher viscosity index, and higher purity to perform reliably in many high vacuum environments.

Full Synthetic Hydrocarbon Oil

Full synthetic hydrocarbon oil, including the CMP Elite A, CMP Elite Z, CMP 25, and CMP 23 are manufactured with the excellence that you have come to expect from all of our pump fluids. Our synthetic pump oil features very low pour points to eliminate cold start problems and high viscosity index to provide exceptional resistance to higher temperatures; this synthetic rotary vane pump oil exceeds industry standards as well as our competitors.

Semi-synthetic Pump Fluid

Semi-synthetic pump fluid options from Cambridge Mill Products are engineered for durability and stability; thereby aimed at reducing costs through longer lasting material. All vacuum pump oils are laboratory tested to insure third party verification of superior performance and are uniquely manufactured to maximize oxidative stability.

PFPE Pump Fluids

PFPE pump fluids, including Krytox® pump fluids, provide a non-flammable rotary vane pump oil solution for applications requiring chemically inert and thermally stable lubricants. With superior vapor pressure capabilities than its nearest competitor, this rotary vane pump oil is manufactured in the United States by DuPont.