CMP 705
Vapor Pressure @ 25 °C 2X10-9 Torr
Viscosity @ 40 °C 66 cst
Pour Point <0 °C
Specific Gravity @ 22 °C 1.09 g/ml
Flash Point - C.O.C. 243 °C   470 °F
Fire Point - C.O.C. N/A

CMP 705 is a single component fluid designed for ultra-high vacuum applications in the range of 10-9 torr untrapped. The vapor pressure and backstreaming rate of CMP 705 is so low that the use of traps or refrigeration is unnecessary for some ultra-high and ultra-clean vacuum applications. Because of its low vapor pressure, contamination rates with CMP 705 can be up to 100 times lower than with CMP 704 silicone diffusion pump fluid. CMP 705 is considered the functional equivalent to Dow Corning 705®.