CMP 80
Vapor Pressure @ 25 °C 1X10-4 Torr
Viscosity @ 40 °C 175 cst
Pour Point -12 °C
Specific Gravity @ 22 °C 0.90 g/ml
Flash Point - C.O.C. 215 °C  
Fire Point - C.O.C. 240 °C  

CMP 80 is a highly refined paraffinic oil that provides excellent lubrication, low varnish forming tendencies and superior water resistance in large single and two stage rotary piston pumps.

CMP 80 is designed as a replacement for Stokes V Lube "G" and is recommended for Stokes 912 pumps and 612MB models.

CMP 80 is an excellent choice for pumps encountering high water loading or running at high temperatures.