CMP 97
Vapor Pressure @ 25 °C 5X10-4 Torr
Viscosity @ 40 °C 220 cst
Pour Point -12 °C
Specific Gravity @ 22 °C 0.89 g/ml
Flash Point - C.O.C. 245 °C   475 °F
Fire Point - C.O.C. 263 °C   505 °F

CMP 97 is a high viscosity paraffinic oil engineered for it's excellent lubrication properties to be used in Stokes® and Dresser Roots® high vacuum blowers. This product provides superior protection for the bearings and seals. It is a direct replacement for Stokes V Lube "H"® oil.

The oil in your blowers should always be changed when you do the oil change on your piston pumps.