Vapor Pressure @ 25 °C 3X10-7 Torr
Viscosity @ 40 °C 71 cst
Pour Point -12 °C
Specific Gravity @ 22 °C 0.87 g/ml
Flash Point - C.O.C. 250 °C   482 °F
Fire Point - C.O.C. 280 °C   536 °F

CMP TW-X is manufactured from a high purity technical white oil base stock and put through a high vacuum double molecular distillation process to further remove light end fractions and contains a moderate concentration of a state of the art anti-oxidant package to increase it's resistance to oxidation.

TW-X may be used in vane pumps and also has excellent vaporization properties for use in diffusion pumps.

TW-X exhibits excellent pumping speeds and will reduce the build up of varnish and carbonized oil in the diffusion pump.

In vane pumps TW-X shows excellent resistance to chemical attack due to it's minimal aromatic content and strong additive package while still producing excellent vapor pressure capabililties.

The new CMP TW-X offers numerous improvements over all other competitive products.

  • Greater resistance to decomposition under pump operating temperatures.
  • Far superior protection and longer life.
  • Extends oil change intervals
  • Greater resistance to chemical attack.