1506 1514 1525
Vapor Pressure @ 20° C 4X10-7 Torr 2X10-7 Torr 1X10-7 Torr
Viscosity @ 20°C. 62 cst. 142 cst. 261 cst
Viscosity @ 100°C. 4.4 cst. 7.2 cst. 11 cst.
Pour Point -45°C. -40°C. -35°C.
Density 1.88 g/ml 1.89 g/ml 1.90 g/ml
Flash and Fire Points none none none

Krytox® lubricants are non-flammable, chemically inert and thermally stable fluids that were developed by Dupont in response to industries growing need for inert lubricants that could handle aggressive and reactive chemicals of all types. All Krytox vacuum pump fluids are available in a variety of pour points with different viscosity to offer you the best performance possible.

Krytox® fluids have superior vapor pressure capabilties than Fomblin® fluids.

  • Miscible with Fomblin® fluid
  • Approved by all major pump manufacturing companies
  • Safe for oxygen service
  • Highly resistant to lewis acids
  • Manufactured in the United States by DuPont
  • Reclaimable


Krytox 1506® - Fomblin 06/6®
Krytox 1514® - Fomblin 14/6® or 16/6®
Krytox 1525® - Fomblin 25/6®